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Raffle Ticket 'Sleepy One' Koala | Original Drawing - Harebell Designs

Raffle Ticket 'Sleepy One' Koala | Original Drawing


I am planning on drawing a series of native Australian animals in an effort to raise much needed funds for reputable charities dealing with the bushfire crisis back home.

Being an Ozzie and living over 10,000 plus miles away from home, I have found the situation incredibly emotional and distressing.

After much thought, I have decided to raffle off the first of my original drawings with funds going to a reputable charity, Wildlife Victoria.

Tickets will be £5 each with a minimum of 200 to be sold. With your help, I am hoping to sell more than that... the more the better. The original will be posted worldwide, so anyone can enter.

The first of my drawings is the much loved iconic marsupial, the koala.

Drawing size | 400 x 300mm

Your invoice number, upon making a purchase of your raffle ticket/s, will be your raffle ticket number and depending on how many tickets you purchase, your number will be entered into the draw according to how many tickets you buy!

Example: you purchase 2 tickets - your number is in the draw twice. Simple!

I am hoping to raise a lot of money to help with the current burden that this charity must be experiencing.

I will also be selling a collectors' edition prints of this drawing which is part of an unlimited run, signed individually by myself. Printed on high quality paper and is available unmounted to send word wide.

50% of this sale (£25) will go directly to Wildlife Victoria to help with the current bushfire crisis in Australia. All money donations are desperately needed, so will be forwarded on weekly to this charity with a tally of money raised on Facebook and other social media.  

For more information of the charity please click on the link:

I am hoping with your help, we can raise lots of pounds. I pray for rain for them daily but there is talk of these fires lasting for months.

Thank you for your support.

Much love

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